NCLEX Review- Focus On…

Focus On...

For students who wish to drill down hard on a particular subject area, we have the FOCUS ON... modules

This gives you the option to really delve much deeper into those subjects that may be more of a challenge for you, or those which you feel less comfortable with.

Modules in this course include: 

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Focus on Delegation

Learn to reason through those often troublesome delegation and management questions 


Focus on Geriatrics 

The geriatric population is a rapidly growing demographic, and is thus an increasingly important part of nursing care.  NCLEX will surely test your understanding of these important lifespan issues!


Mother and Baby 

Often one of the most difficult subjects for nursing students, this module will deeping your understanding and make these questions a snap!



It is so easy to confuse nutritonally influenced alterations in health...this module will make them clear, and will inform your study of therapeutic uses of nutrtion beautifully.



Other FOCUS ON... modules include:

  • Complex topics of mobility
  • complex problems of visceral organs
  • Complex topics in men's health
  • Pre, Intra, and Post Operative Care
  • Pain, Inflammation and Stress
  • ​Medication and Calculation
  • Public Health​

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