NCLEX Review- Practice Tests

Practice Tests

Nothing better prepares you for NCLEX than exposing yourself to tons of practice questions with rationals. 

Doing so allows you to learn not only the material, but the WAY questions are asked and answered

Our system presents you with OVER 8,000 beautifully written practice questions, with well thought out and explained rationals 

The system will instantly inform you of the correct answer, and present the feedback so that you can learn as you go!


Choose to take quizzes that are subject specific

Focus on one subject at a time to really dive into your weak areas, or to test your knowledge of a particular area

Questions are random and plentiful, and cover a range of both difficulty and question type​


Choose to simulate the test

You will be given the maximum number of questions you may encounter on test day

These questions will cover a range of subjects and difficulty level, and are presented in a similar proportion to those emphasized by the NCLEX

Build your knowledge while also improving your endurance for a computer based test while you study!​

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